How To Live Your Best Life

Living my best life

Living my best life.

I have seen this quote bouncing around the internet cosmos like a ray from Han-Solo’s soft laser gun.

It has become natural for people NOT living their best lives to say

Living my best life.

Living my best life


You are fat, ugly and broker than a eunuch’s penis.

You are a literal couch potato. You are what you eat and all you eat is bags of crisps filled to the neck with serums of benzoates and sorbates and monosodium-glutamate. Your home is not Earth anymore, it is your filthy and ragged La-Z-Boy couch that you haven not moved from in 4 days apart from to piss and to shit and to get more crisps. Your cat who is your best friend and absolute only being you trust outside of the warm, comfortable confines of your sitting room is clawing away at the cheap cloth covering your Pepsi stained hoodie you’ve been wearing for 2 weeks straight because you cannot be arsed to wash it or wash yourself. Heck. No one wants to see you anyway. PING! Your phone lights up. It’s a notification… who would want to bother with you anyway, you low-life sack of shit? Never mind. Its only an email from Netflix, informing you of three new superhero series that will come out next month. You are ecstatic! Having watched all the current series twice over, you are in dire need of some new socialist brainwashing material. Waking up from this hazy, comfortable dream you are stuck in is the last thing you want. Despite living to avoid the clock, you steal a glance. It’s 03.00AM. Fuck, I forgot to take my pills. That’s right. On top of all this you have anxiety and depression, so the doctor prescribed you Xanax. He said to take a quarter of a pill but… who gives a fuck. You take 2. And wait for the chemicals to seep through your system, soaking into your receptors and sending you lucid… and maybe just maybe for a few hours you can forget… Just: Forget…

Living my best life.

Living my best life


You are an Instagram whore with more followers than brain cells.

You wake up hungover and covered in a sticky cocktail of vomit. Yum. That would be last night’s kebab. You are still drunk. The bed cover is stained red. Shit. You were on. You turn your head and the room wobbles. There lies a man face down with his trousers round his ankles on the floor. By the stench of piss and the puddle around his groin area you guess he didn’t make it to the bathroom. You look around the messy room and realise you are not in your bedroom. Shit… I shagged him. He looks at least 10 years your prior. You are disgusted with yourself. You vaguely remember meeting him in the club and how you hated him. He kept making sly misogynistic comments towards you and squeezing your arse when he thought his girlfriend was not looking. Ha-ha. My win. You remember how pretty she looked and you hated her. You hated that she was happier than you and that she had a good job and a boyfriend who loved her and you… well, you have this. You win. Happy now? You subdue a sniffle. You are not a bad person… no. You just want to feel. And this opportunity came with maybe, even for a short while, just maybe… the capability of firing synapses… thus releasing serotonin and dopamine… making you feel. For some reason feeling seems… so alien now. All you feel is numb. What the fuck was his name again? Fuck knows. He is not the first and will not be the last. You feel a sudden hatred towards your shit friends who egged you on, calling you cool and edgy for getting with a stranger who was in a relationship, with no good intentions. Just a cheap shag. You want to die. Yet you fear death. You are a walking juxtaposition.

Living my best life.

Living my best life


You are living. Yet you have no life.

You are the most APEX predator in the known universe. You have potential, same as every other human being to wreck worlds and build new ones, to take lives and forge better ones, and at the same time improve the lives of yourself and everybody you hold dearly 10-fold, if you wanted to. You can move mountains and sculpt faces into them. Using blueprints in your mind and with the help of machines you can take rocks from a mountain and build vast sculptures, create unique architecture that only you have the POWER to produce. You have the ability to will the flow of rivers to cease… forcing the water elsewhere to feed another part of the vast land provided to us of your choosing. You can form pools of water and power whole cities with the hydro-electric energy that you have created. You can take words out of your head, string them together on a bit of paper and voila! how inspirational, you have succeeded in changing the course of history. You can create universes the way you want, raise a family and even whole countries to greatness. You can become the one everyone looks at when they think of examples of the greats”. The Earth is a playground for you to practice and hone your skills and its funny because the tools you need are all FREE. The internet has given you countless arrays of knowledge for you to do anything you want and be anyone you want. YouTube, Wikipedia and The Apex Manifesto are among the many great pools of wisdom you can draw from and go further, and beyond than where anyone has ever been.

The only real payment for your transition from FUCKED UP KID into GOD-KILLER is your TIME.


TIME is the one thing every being on the planet starts with. We all have the same TIME. We all come from the random collision of a sperm and an egg. We all take 9 months to develop inside our mother’s womb. We all are born crying and struggling to breathe, with ZERO% ability to grow up alone and a 100% dependence on another kind soul to help us survive until we can. We all go through Freud’s 5 stages of Psycho-Sexual Development, or maybe Erickson’s 8 stages of Psycho-Social Development. Or even both. Who cares. It is all theoretical anyway.

What is not theoretical is the TIME we all have.

TIME you waste so effortlessly… I mean we all do it. The POWER of being human is in understanding that we are imperfect beings who are destined to do seemingly perfect things.

Is Perfection attainable?


Perfection is unattainable.


Nature demands Chaos.


Chaos is the natural state of the world. A body will decompose if it dies, and the soul will once again be joined by its creator to be judged fervently. Unkempt gardens grow ugly and develop weeds which kill all beauty that had once been a green paradise.. A stranded car will rust and the precious material it comes from will go back into the earth, returning to where it once lay. It might take a long time but it will happen. Its just life.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics explains that the state of entropy of the entire universe (as an isolated system) will always increase over time. The law also states that the changes of entropy in the universe can never be negative.

Entropy is a measure of the molecular disorder of a system… a measure of chaos.

This means that everything you see will eventually cease to exist in its current form. It is natural for your kitchen spoons, stars in the sky and the entire universe as we know it to waste away slowly. This happens by energy transfers which happen all the time. Boiling an egg is an energy transfer. Highly concentrated energy is converted into less concentrated waste energy. The way a diesel car engine works is by converting concentrated fuel energy into mechanical energy and wasteful thermal energy. The mechanical energy is lost in turn as less concentrated energy through friction through wires and tires and mileage- waste energy.

Physicists that spent their whole lives studying their chosen field of thermodynamics have reached a verdict. I suspect that they gathered round a large round table in an underground bunker somewhere off the coast in Cuba. I bet they got free doughnuts too. They decided that the only sure thing as for the fate of the universe is the Heat Death of The Universe. This means that just as the universe began with a BANG, it will perish with a POP. The universe will reach equilibrium and there will be no more energy transfers, no more heat and no more… life.

Chaos is inevitable.

Perfection is an impossible measure… and yet it does not hurt to TRY.

Those that have strived for perfection have achieved lightyears beyond others who may have never tried at all. To quote Norman Vincent Peale: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

Why you should not exist

We are unnatural. The odds of your existence is basically ZERO. More specifically the chance that you yourself had ever been born and are alive, is 1 in 102,685,000. Yep.

Let that sink in.

No not the one at the door.

Inside your head. Think about this great big number for a minute. All of this, and for what? For you to become nothing but a loser, a poor man who cannot afford to buy his daughter a birthday present? A slave, chained to the cubicle who re-lives the same cycle of work over and over and over and over and over… until you die?

A “man” with… nothing?

You have bags of potential. And I mean bags. You are reading this because no matter how worthless you think you are deep down you know I am telling the TRUTH.

Deep down you KNOW that you are better than this.

I am speaking to the little kid inside of you that wanted to become an astronaut and go on wild adventures and be free. Not a slave to the system, a mindless bottom feeder whose only goal is to win at Fortnite (seriously if you have not won by now then just quit it is not happening for you). This is not your destiny and this is not who you are meant to be and this is not who you are going to be. Its all in your hands.

Taking action.

According to The Second Law of Thermodynamics, if the universe became stagnant and reached equilibrium then life would cease to exist. There would be no energy left to transfer.

If you sit there nothing will happen.

Oh, but Sir Isaac Newton sat there and an apple fell on his head and he discovered gravity.

Yes. You see by then Newton was about 25 years old and had come home from Cambridge University due to the spread of the Black Plague. By then he was already lecturing at the university and had designed and created a reflecting telescope, conceived the method of infinitesimal calculus and the laws of planetary motion that eventually led to to the publication of his physics book Principia.


Doing nothing will get you… nothing.

That is the fact of life.

Even if your aspirations are as a small as wanting to win the lottery… you still have to go outside and buy the damn ticket.

You are made up of stardust. You are a literal universe.

There is a universe inside of you, me and everybody. When you realise that we are all connected, that we are all cogs in the machine this is when you begin to understand what I really mean.

Until then my words shall fly over your head like every other Godly sign you ask for and consequent miss because you are too busy staring at girls breasts INSTEAD of actually trying to talk to them.

For all you nihilists and antinatalists out there, I pray you take a step back from your viewpoints and see what we see.

A wonderful world filled with the scent of opportunity and the chance to FEEL GOOD.

Do not let the world pass you by.

Become the person you are meant to be.


Want to find out how? Message me. I have something cooking. – @

A Message From My Past Self,  To Anyone Who needed To Hear This. And To My Future Self

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