How Do You Like Your Coffee? And Suicide.


How do you like your coffee?


I like mine Black.

The same shade of Black that taints the soul of Nihilistic teenagers who hate their parents.




Jordan Casstles (@MrCasstles) Twitter thread earlier today on overcoming Nihilism got me thinking.

Find it here: –>


Nihilism, simply put, is the belief that all life is meaningless and that nothing means anything. Think 90’s grunge music, but with an Aristotlic twist.


I have been low before. Very damn low.

Still I never have and never will consider killing myself.



Is that because of my parents pumping their religious doctrine into my very mind since I was only a wee bairn?

Is it due to my strength of character?

Could it possibly be that the instinct to survive runs so DEEP through my body as it were a pine tree hugging the very Mother Earth that doth sustain her in a hard, knobbly embrace?


I don’t think it’s either of these.



Before I indulge you any further.


You DO agree with me that:

SUICIDE is a very prevalent issue mostly among men.

The annual age-adjusted SUICIDE rate is 13.42 per 100,000 individuals. Men die by SUICIDE 3.53x more often than women.

Source: –>


Why do you think that is?


There are plenty of obvious reasons.

The way I see it,

The reason why is not quite what you think.



You see:


The classic predominantly left-wing reason,

Is this cliché sob story that you see in the media everyday.

It is in all the films and the TV shows.

It is in all the music. If you’re not careful it will sneak up on you from behind and take you forcefully.

You will become it.


It will become you.


I am talking about the feminine imperative.

The same feminine imperative that Rollo Tomassi talks about in the Rational Male – (the most important book ever written on TPR. Read it if you haven’t, being the most APEX of manifestos it will most certainly open your eyes.)


Now for those of you who do not know about the feminine imperative.

Addressing this issue by no means makes you, or me or anybody misogynistic, or women bashing or so ego-driven that we as men want to enforce countless generations of toxic masculinity on all these poor people, who just want to be their humble selves.


I will not define it, because if you are reading this far then you should know what it means.


The TPR belief, is that one of the goals the feminine imperative is to destroy traditional gender roles.

It wants MEN to be less MANLY.

It wants MEN to be more VULNERABLE and more EMOTIONAL.



I may write about the reason why, one day.


But back to the point.

It is a well-known fact.

Women are much easier to sell to.

After all, 63.9% of women admitted to spending money to improve their mood, as opposed to 39.8% of men.

Source –


Is that not the case?

It is.


Because sales are largely determined by EMOTIONS.

If you can tap into people’s EMOTIONS and sell them a promise that they will FEEL a certain desirable FEELING if they BUY YOUR PRODUCT, then they WILL buy it.


For example: Show a woman a dress and she may think it pretty, maybe a bit out of her budget. But at the end of the day it just another dress.

Show a woman a dress with a STORY behind it; for example the concept behind the white wedding dresses that EVERY girl I have ever known wishes to wear one day. So why does this dress sell so well?

Simple psychology.

It’s the emotion behind wearing the dress, that passionate feeling a girl feels when she is in relentlessly in love with a man who feels so deeply for her that he is willing to give the rest of his life to her. That dress symbolises the flurry of emotions that she will feel on her wedding day.

This is the reason the wedding dress sells.


You don’t sell PRODUCTS, you sell EMOTIONS


Psychology tells us that,

The effeminate are easier to sell to.

And since women are naturally more EMOTIONAL than men…

You see.



And in our New World Order of mindless consumption where people buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have, to impress people they don’t like.

What about all these ads that are shoved into our faces every day?

What about all these egos on Instagram that need validating?


Everything is about YOU, buying.

So, everyone needs to buy

And buy.

And buy.



I am taking you down an intense, deep mindful trip that is the connections between my neurons and along my axons and into my Frontal Lobe.

My very own tangled web of conspiracy and deception.

Down the daunting, looping and climbing roller coaster of insight that is my thoughts, and the cart you are riding in right now is about to reach CLIMAX, so fasten your seat belts.


Now you understand why it is in the big multimedia corporation’s best interests to sell a covert agenda for the whole world to become more effeminate.

Because you understand that the increasingly effeminate of us are much easier to sell to.


Sell what?

Sell a “life”.

Sell a “lie”.

Think back to George Orwell’s 1984. Read that. Its a good book.

The story is set somewhere in England during the 80’s and simply put it highlights how it would have been had the world been took over by the Communists.

Everyone consumed the same entertainment.

Everyone ate the same food

They even did the same fitness exercises, at the same time, every day.

And anybody that went out of line, either completely disappeared, or got “ fixed ”.

Everyone did as they were told.





It made them easier to control.

Because someone who is incapable of thinking for himself, can never question anything.

Can never formulate an idea.

Can never question authority.

He does not know the difference between what is right

And he does not know the difference between what is wrong.




Wasn’t this post meant to be about suicide?

Yes… but no.

I lied to you.


Do you feel deceived?

You should.

But I guess you are used to it.


You are lied to EVERY DAY.

By the mainstream media.

By your “friend” who tells you that Red is so, your colour.

They tell you we don’t need masculinity

They tell you it is all toxic, and that the world would be much better off without it.


They tell you that God is a woman.

But they do not believe in God. And they do not believe in gender.

So who is their God?




You see.


I do not mean to bash women. I love women.

I truly do.


They are God’s magnificent creation.

Without them, life on Earth would be a hell of a lot more meaningless, and much less satisfying.


The problem is with those that deny masculinity its importance, to society.


Those Thai children that were trapped down a cave.

Who was it that risked their lives to save them?

If not a bunch of MEN.

Without these brave souls, what would have happened to those boys?


That’s right. They’d be fucking dead.


You get the idea.


MEN and WOMEN are very different.

We have separate roles.

IF you disagree with me, then please do not hesitate to fold your complaint neatly in half, and slip it into your local complaint box.

Any bin will do.

Because contrary to your dumb opinion,

I do not care about what you think.


Enough about this today.


It will all link up, I promise.




Back to the cheery topic, of Suicide.


I mentioned earlier what their reason for the high Suicide rates among men are.


You now understand the “ mainstream ” reason for high suicide rates.

And the why.




The way I see it.

It is largely down to:


Men feeling down and insignificant in a world that conspires against all things that makes them masculine.

If you look at it this way

It is a kind of nihilism.

They take the black pill.


Remember, the world is just EMOTIONS.

EMOTIONS are our Salvation and our Downfall.

Modern Men feel alone.

I should know. I felt that way, once.

The most common case for this is when fathers go to the shop for a pint of milk and some cigarettes, never to be seen again.

This infuriates me.

They leave their children alone with the mothers, who raise them. Maybe yours was good to you. Lucky for you. A lot are not.

They end up raising the son to be anything except for the man their arse-hole father was.

The mother means well. She doesn’t mean to do this to her son. She does this sub-consciously. And the child knows no better. Until he grows up, different.

He feels alone. He doesn’t quite fit in anywhere.

He feels that he has no place in this world.

He feels no girl wants him, though he does not know its because he never had a strong male role model to look up to and learn from.

Your classic beta bitch boy.

He creeps towards music, alcohol, drugs,

Anything that prevents him from experiencing the painful world around him.

Anything to forget his miserable reality for just a moment.



I knew a guy who liked to be high.

All the time.


Every night.



Because from when he took the first sweet sweet drag of that zoot,

He forgot the world

He forgot his problems

He forgot who he really was.


For just a moment.

Everything was just fine.

And that is how he dealt with it.



But there are those much worse off.

Those that cannot escape from reality, even momentarily,

Those that have this deep fear hanging over their head every waking minute like a desolate grey cloud, filled with heavy moisture.

But this cloud can never release its load.

It doesn’t know it can.


Likewise, the lost Modern Man cannot relieve himself of these terrible thoughts that he feels will never ever leave him.

Because he has never seen any other way.

And never will.

To him there is only one real option, to be free of this dark dark cloud.

He commits.

He kills himself.

And that’s the end of that.



I am no expert on this topic. But I have a working mind that can make complex associations between seemingly unconnected concepts.



The mind is both our most powerful weapon in the war that is life, and our most devastating downfall.

How you use yours, that’s up to you.

How is use mine, I use it to help those that need my help.

It is my most APEX tool.


As should you.


If you have these feelings,

If you feel you can deeply relate the what I am saying,

If you feel you are alone, understand that you are not.


There is a whole community of like-minded men on Twitter, that have gone through similar if not the same to what you are going through.


And we help each other.


So talk to someone.

Do not be afraid.

In this cold cold world, we need all the help we can get.


Never be afraid to ask for help.



This concludes our post for today.


Do you agree with what I said?

Do you think I am chatting complete bollocks?


Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or tweet me on twitter à @anAPEXmale


Goodbye, for now.




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